Hegewisch (pronounced "heg-wish" by the locals it is actually a German surname pronounced "hege-vish"), one of the 77 community areas of Chicago, Illinois, is located on the city's far south side. It is bordered by the neighborhoods of Riverdale and South Deering to the west, the East Side to the north, the village of Burnham to the south and the city of Hammond, Indiana to the east. It is part of the 10th ward of Chicago. John Pope is the alderman as of April 2005. The community area is named for Adolph Hegewisch, the president of U.S. Rolling Stock Company who hoped to establish “an ideal workingman's community” when he laid out the town along a rail line in 1883, six years before Chicago annexed the town.

One of Hegewisch's more notable features is its unique demographics, being one of the last remaining predominantly white south Chicago communities (alongside Beverly and Mount Greenwood) and the last predominantly white community on the cities Southeast Side. In recent years, Hegewisch has seen a dramatic increase in its Hispanic population. As of the most recent census/city survey, the Hegewisch population is 67% white and 29% Hispanic[1], although this has changed markedly since the last census.

In the neighborhood

In all, Hegewisch has three distinct areas within the neighborhood. The areas are commonly referred to as Arizona, it is that area East of Avenue O and north of 138th St. Sometimes this area is also referred to as "the Avenues" and depending on who you ask, Arizona either goes as far as the Trailer Park (the only mobile home park left in the City of Chicago also known as Harbor Estates) or all the way to the Indiana Border.

Avalon Trails is North of 130th Street, East of Torrence and West of Baltimore Avenue, it is the youngest part of Hegewisch and is built on wetland area where the original settlers of Hegewisch hunted small game and fished. Next is (Old) Hegewisch; Old Hegewisch comprises the oldest part of Hegewisch and includes the area North of 138th St, South of 130th St., East of Torrence Avenue, and West of Avenue O.



Bus & Rail Transportation

The South Shore Line stops at Hegewisch. The train goes as far westbound as Millennium Station in Downtown Chicago and as far eastbound as South Bend Regional Airport in South Bend, Indiana.

Under the most recent version of CTA Red Line extension plan, the Red Line will stop near Hegewisch, stopping on the edge of Altgeld Gardens housing project.

Bus Service

Hegewisch is served by the following CTA and Pace bus routes:

  • #30 South Chicago
  • #34 South Michigan (Rush Hour Service)
  • #108 - Halsted-95th (School Days)
  • #355 Lansing
  • #358 Torrence
  • #364 159th Street (Rush Hour Service)

Notable current and former residents


Ford Motor Company's Chicago Assembly Plant is located adjacent to Hegewisch. (The site, at the northwest quadrant of E. 130th Street and Torrence Avenue, is actually within the boundaries of South Deering).